"Internet images are part of a screen culture, always changing; they take on an expiration date depending on future images that claim to herald a more powerful idea. Print culture, objects and images, have a more durable form of existence. They contain materiality, a concrete reality that gives weight, literally, to their interpretation. Their existence proves what they mean." (Bal, M. 2003).

In other words, I think blogging has come to an end for me. I think I am meant to create things instead of take pictures of them, and while I'm still very active on Instagram and Twitter, this blog has run its course.

I hope that my creativeness still keeps me in contact with you, and that our paths cross often. Thank you for your support.

Jessica    :)



I've gotten to the point of the school year where I just want to create memorable experiences for my students. I want to do the messiest, most creative projects I can do. Last week we made art by throwing painted tennis balls at canvases, and it was the coolest thing ever. I practiced papier mâché at home today in prep for doing it with my grade ones and two in the coming weeks, and it was soooo messy! The process is always more important than the product, and I have to say that is my mantra these days as an elementary school teacher. Only a month and a half left with this class! Gotta do everything I can.  




Feeling very privileged to go to the Junos this weekend. Aside from the biting cold of Regina's freezing weather, the dinners, the bars, and the awards show were all awesome. And the parties, I'm in my brother's debt for getting me and my bf into those (and to my folks for flying us out to Regina). It was petty incredible to witness my brother's nomination for the Junos, and I couldn't be prouder to be his sister! Congrats bro!



sometimes i get on such an art rush, i get an idea in my head and i have to do it, right then and there. today was like that, i had an art project in mind for this coming monday's class but i wasn't sure if it would work out, so i busted out to michael's this morning, bought art supplies, and got back home immediately to try it out. this is like the eeeeasiest art project ever. in photos, 4 steps to creating a beautiful picture.

you will need: watercolour pencils, painting paper (i use bristol board), masking tape, water, paintbrush, straw, brown/black paint (depending on what colour you want the tree trunk), red/pink paint (depending on what colour you want the cherry blossoms/leaves)

1: tape down the sides of your painting paper with masking tape (this will create a natural border). colour the whole paper with your watercolour pencils (colours of the sky?)

2: using a paintbrush, add water to your watercolour pencils (i sweep side to side but it's up to you)

3: allow to dry. using brown/black paint (i watered my down a bit), dab a few drops on to your paper. using a straw, blow the paint upwards and outwards, creating a tree trunk and branches

4. using red/pink paint, dab dots on the branches for cherry blossoms/leaves

allow to dry. remove masking tape carefully.

seriously. easy.

if you want to see more art projects i do with my class, come see me on pinterest http://pinterest.com/heymissteacher/

or instagram http://instagram.com/heymissteacher




I've spent the first few days of Spring Break hiding out in my apartment because I hate wearing my glasses outside. Why must I wear my glasses, you ask? Because as an elementary school teacher, you encounter many different kinds of illnesses, and so far I've been exposed to and caught colds that last for months, whooping cough, and strep throat. And now, I'm dealing with pink eye. Gross. My glasses are so outdated and really unbecoming (I think), and they're a bit bent from one time I accidently sat on them, so I'm cooped up inside for now. Not the best start to the vacation....
But, last night I gave my presentation for my Master's course I'm currently in, and whew it feels good to be done with that! There are photos of the final project I completed with the help of my students (and here's how it started), as well as close up on the small details. I love to think they were making their mark like graffit, that's what it reminds me of. They were allowed to draw anything, write anything, whatever they wanted to do. I'm so thrilled with the way it turned out! This project has been taking up a huge chunk of my time, and I'm hoping to get back to regular life with my project complete (and this eye sickness resolved...) and with regular blogging. For now, enjoy a horrible photo of me in my specs.




Anti-bullying day is this week, February 27th, and for all my years of being a teacher I have wanted to do an art project for it, something powerful, something inspiring, something meaningful. When I asked my students to come up with messages for anti-bullying day, they broke off into small groups and discussed what best to write. These messages are their own ideas, with my only help being to write their words on their hands in facepaint. It is projects like these that make me so proud to be their teacher, wherein most days I feel like the student, learning from them time and again.



Photos from this past weekend in Whistler. Sometimes I think it would be cool to live in a ski town, you get to dress in lots of wild colours and you can go to the bar with your toque on and no one cares. Also photos from Valentine's Day, a day where kids' clothing looks like a sea of pink and red and handmade cards are distributed and held in amazement. I cannot remember making valentines for my classmates when I was young, although I'm sure I did, but the time and effort that goes into them these days blows my mind. And finally, photos from an art project I'm creating with the help of my students for my Master's course. I can't actually show you what it is, because it's a secret, but it takes place in a curtained-off room in my class named ART SPACE, and you can only go in there alone to create something, and everyone contributes to the same 5x5 foot circular canvas. The first three days of the project have been so insightful, I couldn't have anticipated the issues that would come up with myself and my students designing it. One of the best parts about the project is that everyone who does something can only be in there alone, so when I go in at the end of the day to do my part, I see what's been done although I don't know by who. Children, when left to their own devices, have the most incredible imaginations and artistic abilities, and it has been so inspiring to see what my students have come up with. In another three weeks the project will be complete. I'll be sure to show you the final product.