sometimes i get on such an art rush, i get an idea in my head and i have to do it, right then and there. today was like that, i had an art project in mind for this coming monday's class but i wasn't sure if it would work out, so i busted out to michael's this morning, bought art supplies, and got back home immediately to try it out. this is like the eeeeasiest art project ever. in photos, 4 steps to creating a beautiful picture.

you will need: watercolour pencils, painting paper (i use bristol board), masking tape, water, paintbrush, straw, brown/black paint (depending on what colour you want the tree trunk), red/pink paint (depending on what colour you want the cherry blossoms/leaves)

1: tape down the sides of your painting paper with masking tape (this will create a natural border). colour the whole paper with your watercolour pencils (colours of the sky?)

2: using a paintbrush, add water to your watercolour pencils (i sweep side to side but it's up to you)

3: allow to dry. using brown/black paint (i watered my down a bit), dab a few drops on to your paper. using a straw, blow the paint upwards and outwards, creating a tree trunk and branches

4. using red/pink paint, dab dots on the branches for cherry blossoms/leaves

allow to dry. remove masking tape carefully.

seriously. easy.

if you want to see more art projects i do with my class, come see me on pinterest http://pinterest.com/heymissteacher/

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