Gotta say, I love Pro-D days. Days off for the students, learning time for the teachers, Professional Development Days in reality. We have a couple of pro-d days in the summer so we can take a couple days off during the school year, and I don't even mind going into school during a summer day because I'm actually kinda excited to get back to school... yep, big nerd right here. An eye-opening and hilarious presentation today on strategies for how to teach boys. Not just the inclusion of having more run-around time or talking hockey in class, but ideas like standing side-by-side vs. eye-to-eye (which a girl needs) and just letting them figure out how to do something rather than always talking about it first (which a girl needs as well). Two videos that we watched, on the difference between a man and a woman's brain, and the way we teachers actually teach... (just kidding).

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