An excerpt from the book I'm writing, and the reason for lack of blog posts lately.
"It was a day when you know something is going to happen. I did not have a lot of work planned for my students that day, and for most of it we finished the art projects we had started before – oil-pastel trees in winter colours, on a simple background of snow and sparkles. I had to help each student individually put sparkles on their artwork, so they all had to wait their turn until I called them up, in the meantime playing with Lego or puzzles. While I was sitting at the round table helping each kid, a few girls started to hang around me, watching me pour gold and silver specks ever so cautiously onto each picture and then shake off the excess onto a paper plate, careful not to get them everywhere. Pretty soon I had six girls all sitting at the round table, mesmerized by the process. One said, “They look so pretty Ms. Deitcher! We’re going to make all the other classes jealous!” I had to agree, these pictures were absolutely gorgeous. “We’re lucky we have a teacher like you who likes to do art all the time Ms. Deitcher”, another one said. “I’m even luckier to have students like you guys”, I said back. Somehow, the strange forces of this crazy world gave me one of the most perfect days with my students on a day that would forever bring tears to my eyes. My grandpa passed away that afternoon while my students and I smiled at each other over gold and silver sparkles, and somehow everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to."

Boots: Old Navy, Pants: TNA, Coat: H&M, Shirt & Gloves: Gap, Vest & Bag: American Eagle

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