After a few days off from school, came back to cheery faces and lots of questions. Always amazed by my students that they are so compassionate and understanding, more patient than I am sometimes. Spent twenty-five minutes of my lunch hour calming down a student who refused to put his jacket on to go outside, then going through the same ordeal at the end of the day as well. Sometimes I wonder about the benefit of a child who is forced into an environment that honestly cannot accommodate him, wonder this every time at least three times a day where the simple act of putting on a coat instigates a screaming and crying match that I cannot settle, nor can the other number of adults who come to help. Realize I have to keep my cool and carry on with twenty-one other students, explaining art-project directions with a smile on my face. And thank goodness for art, all we did for the whole rest of the afternoon, where small moments of peace and kindness resonated between six- and seven-year-olds who painted Christmas ornaments for their parents, helping each other and gazing up at decorations in awe.

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