Funny how the simplest of things can change your mood. I rented another motorbike to cruise around the island of Koh Lanta, riding everywhere I could possibly go, from one beach to the next, from one small village to another. Koh Lanta is the third largest island in Thailand, but it's still fairly small. There isn't much else to do other than motorbike and lay on the beach. Today however, it poured rain. On and off in these intense bursts of hail-like drops, the rain approaching the shore from the ocean in one huge wave, literally you could see a wall of rain coming. But I was happy in the rain. I'm determined to come back with a serious tan from this trip, but the rain was so familiar, so like Vancouver, that instead of camping out in the bungalows like all the other tourists, I purposely got my book and my journal and sat out under the beach-view huts. It calmed me entirely.

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