Great thing about music festivals is what you listen to and what happens to you that always makes up an experience unlike any other, maybe the same festival you went to last year but not the same. Metric and John Butler Trio and Girl Talk and The Stars and Brasstronaut and Portage & Main. And the people you chill with, the beer garden on a hot afternoon, games of cards and crib and Apples to Apples, the upgrade to the honeymoon suite at our cheap hotel, the attire of other festival-goers, the dancing and cheering and singing-along, the music so loud that I thought it couldn't get any louder and then it did, the late-night McDonalds and the late-night talks of our favourite songs on the walk home, the perfect weather the whole weekend.

Shorts: La Vie en Rose, Shirt: Gap, Sandals: Banana Republic

 Emily Haines and James Shaw, Metric acoustic

 Savannah Leigh Wellman of Redbird and John Sponarski of Portage & Main

 Coat: Lucky Brand Jeans

 John Butler Trio

Girl Talk

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