Some things never go out of style. I have had this jean jacket since grade eight, and amazingly it still fits. In fact, it is so broken in that I wear it as a shirt, here paired with a skirt I have had since grade ten (talk about an outfit from the past). But sometimes I wish I had kept other clothes from my childhood as well, like my Chewbacca shirt I got from Disneyland or my bright red metallic Nike runners. I know you are supposed to "grow up" and mature in style, but I feel like my style is much the same as it was ten years ago. Chewbacca has been replaced with Bambi and red Nikes replaced with neon green. Perhaps it is due to my self-proclaimed promise to not shop during the month of February that I am looking through hidden clothing-gems in my closet, but I like digging out old stuff. There are a lot of memories in fashion. And also, I am pretty sure my jean jacket could be considered vintage now, which is obviously très chic.

Jacket & Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings: American Eagle
Brooch: from my grandma
Ring: from the dentist, yep, like the ones you picked out
from the Treasure Chest at the end of your visit (now that's vintage)

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